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How many Facebook ad accounts can I have

Facebook Ads act as the best friend of marketers in the current digital era. This is because they ensure easy reach to new target consumers for growing your business. It acts as a vital part of social media marketing which promotes any brand easily and supports increased engagement with customers.

Now, back to your basic query about how many Facebook ad accounts can you create ethically. Well! Facebook itself has set the limit to 25 ad accounts and each ad account can maximum have 25 associated admins or advertisers. However, it differs based on account type which you need to check from the “Business Info” tab.   

Is this all you need to know? I hope not.

No one would just want to get informed about the number of accounts they can create without knowing how to create them or use multiple Facebook Ads accounts. So, let’s explore more than just numbers.

Ways to Create Facebook Ads Account

It is an easy process and does not require much effort.

  1. Simply, open a Meta Business Account or go to Business Manager.
  2. Click “Ad Accounts” under the Account column
  3. After clicking the Ad button, three options would appear which are “Add an Ad Account”, “Request Access to an Ad Account” and “Create a New Ad Account”. Select based on your choice.
  4. To create a Facebook Ads account, enter basic details such as name, time zone, currency and others. Also, indicate if the account will be your business account or another business account.
  5. After creating the Facebook Ads account, you can set permission and make modifications as needed.

Settings for Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

You are required to follow certain settings to ensure your multiple Ads accounts are smoothly managed.

IP Address

IP addresses are unique codes provided for identification by internet service providers. Using a single IP address to form multiple Facebook ad accounts will flag your access. You will be spammed, and accounts will be deleted. You can use Facebook proxies to hide your IP addresses, but they may not be effective as each of them have different level of success. So, create different high-quality IP addresses to be used for creating each Facebook Ads Account to avoid getting spammed.  

Browser Fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting examines the hardware and software configuration of any users to create unique IDs. IDs are created by gathering different data points from the website and online platforms. It is to highlight any suspicious fraud related to the website. The fingerprinting process is strategically designed to identify subtle differences between browsers visited by a single person. Therefore, any unnecessary deviation from the usual settings would create an alarm and may ban your Ads account.


Cookies will be the most malicious individual in managing multiple Facebook Ads accounts. This is because cookies are stored in the browser used which allows them to track other websites. Facebook cookies are efficient in identifying same users logging in from another account. Therefore, focus on managing individual cookies by opening each Facebook Ad on different browser profile to avoid contamination of cross-account.

Benefits of Creating Multiple Facebook Ads Accounts

Improved Customer Segmentation and Targeting:

Segmentation helps marketers create a personalised digital approach to target different customers. The multiple accounts help the Facebook Ads manager to easily segment the advertisements as per unique consumers. Each of the accounts can be created to target different products, services or demographics in your business. It helps in creating relevant ads for each of your selected audiences that promote an improved conversion rate. This is because you can share information through the ads to indicate how your products are meeting specific demands of a particular set of audiences.  

Location Targeting:

The multiple Facebook Ads account helps you to create different ads based on your location. As a marketer, you can target specific audiences of different regions to watch your ads. This makes the multiple ad accounts useful for local and regional businesses as they can target each city or town as required to acquire customers. It also helps to exclude unnecessary targeting of areas in the ad which would cause wastage of resources. This helps in creating better brand-defining situations and provides improved ads on search results to locally target customers.   

Better Finance Management

Creating multiple Facebook ad accounts has a crucial effect on finance management. This is because it allows different allocations of budget for each account based on marketing priorities for the product. For instance, a higher budget may be allocated to Ads accounts which target customers globally, while reducing the budget for the local ads account. In each business, budgets are limited, and the target is to create more conversions within the minimum budget to get increased growth. The hindered finance management would create poor cash flow in business which creates challenges in meeting goals.

A/B Testing or Multiple Testing:

A/B testing is the experimentation method to determine your best marketing strategy to attract target audience. The multiple ads account through Facebook Ads Manager create an increased opportunity to test your existing ads to determine which of them are most effective for your audiences. It also helps in examining different ad copies, targeting strategy, ad versions and others which have an immense impact on the campaign performance. It is one of the invaluable approaches to optimise ads in achieving better marketing results.

Brand Management:

In marketing, brand management is important because it helps to create an emotional connection between consumers and the business. It gradually helps to build customer loyalty and improves customer lifetime value. During the purchasing decision, if the customer does not relate you’re your ad and know about the specialities of your brand, they will turn to your competitors. In this condition, multiple Facebook ads account helps in better brand management of your different brands or subsidiaries. This is because each of your brands would have different target audience, location targeting, ad copy, etc. The multiple accounts help in consistently sharing messages for each brand without creating any confusion. It helps each of the target customer segments to receive the required brand message to think of purchasing from you.

Improved Data Insight:

The ads insights are essential pieces of information to understand the behaviour of customers in making required changes in existing advertising decisions. Multiple Facebook ad accounts help in gathering separate insights for each ad. It helps in gathering in-depth data about what is working and not. It creates a data-driven approach to create improved decisions in managing ads. The facts are compared with marketing trends to understand the extent of the lagging of the brand or product in the industry. It would help the marketers to understand the seriousness of the issue and take an active approach to improve brand promotion through changes in advertisement.

Better Focused Ad Campaign:

The benefit of launching multiple ad accounts on Facebook is that it helps in creating better campaigns with improved focus related to specific product launch and marketing objectives. It helps in better organisation of campaigns where a brand is shown to target audience with proper marketing message.

Ad security:

The linking of multiple Facebook ads accounts with Facebook Business Manager creates better ad security. This is because all the ad pages will never to be rejected in a single attempt. It creates the opportunity for you as a marketer to keep the operation of advertisements even when one account is compromised.

Competitive Advantage:

The multiple Facebook ads account create better competitive advantage for your brand. This is because it helps you specifically target each nature of audience through different ads. Moreover, your campaigns are optimised separately based on segmented audience which provides you to have competitive edge in reaching an audience compared to others using a single ad account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)        

How can I check the limits of my Facebook Ads account?

The limits of ads accounts is not same for all businesses and you can find your limit by clicking on the “Business Info” tab below “Notifications”.

What are the benefits of multiple ad accounts on Facebook?

The common benefits are increased segmentation and targeting, ad security, better location targeting of ad, improved brand management, etc.

Why do marketers create multiple ad accounts on Facebook?

Marketers often create multiple ad accounts to promote their different brands or products to varied audiences. It helps in individual targeting and locating of people to improve business growth.


You can consider that creating multiple Facebook ad accounts is not difficult but maintaining them separately is quite a job. You are required to be careful with the settings of multiple ad accounts to avoid being blocked. The activity indicates the way multiple ad accounts also contribute towards the growth of your business. So, avoid sitting back and take the plunge to diversify your existing ads through multiple ad accounts to create a better competitive edge.

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