Why are your Facebook ads not delivering?

Why are your Facebook ads not delivering?

Facebook marketing is growing fast and becoming more popular day by day. If your Facebook ads are not delivering, it’s a severe issue. It is best to stay prepared when you’re running campaigns. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Facebook ads are complicated; they may seem easy at first but when you start to face problems or your ads are getting rejected you don’t know how to fix them. Now you realize the difficulty.

Facebook is a vast platform. But very few know how to use it. It can bring you sales or generate leads and much more. Today I will discuss one of the major problems faced by Marketers and businesses. Why are Facebook ads not delivering? 

What do Facebook ads not delivering mean?

In simple words, Facebook ads not delivering mean your Facebook ads are not showing to the audience. Well, this can cause tension for anyone, including me. But several reasons can cause this problem. I have faced this issue several times myself and, fortunately, was able to solve it.

But not seeing your ads doesn’t mean that they are not delivering. You can check your ad status to see if they are showing correctly or not. If you see your ads are active but not gaining any reach, impressions, or clicks, it also means your ads are not delivering.

Not Seeing your ads doesn’t mean they are not active.

Unlike Google ads, you won’t be able to see your ads just by searching for keywords. Facebook ads are shown differently in comparison to Google ads. Your selected audience will be able to see your ads, and if you are not in that audience, then Facebook will not show your ads to you. Many of my clients also struggle with this issue. They always ask why can’t they see their ads? I know it’s a legit query, but it’s not totally in our hands. The Facebook algorithm shows ads to the most relevant audience; you or your clients might not be the best audience to show your ads to.

Five Major Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads are not delivering?

Facebook disapproved you ads

Facebook has some significant privacy policies regarding ads you can show on the platform. There are several reasons why your ads can get rejected. Facebook has extensive rules to create a secure browsing environment for consumers and advertisers. For instance, Facebook limits the amount of text you may include in an image. Each ad creative’s impression may only have 20% text; if there is more, impressions will get restricted or terminated altogether. 

Advertisers are prohibited from focusing on particular groups, like age, politics, housing, dating, etc. These all fall under protected categories, so they all require further approval or restrictions to avoid discrimination on the platform.

So you might be restricted for not using the particular ad category in a few cases. Or maybe your ads fall under the specific ad category, but you didn’t know that. 

How to fix this?

Check what is missing or what policy you violated, and then update according to that policy. Also, check if your ads are not misleading. Include a particular ad category if your ads are related to Credit, Employment, Housing, Social Issues, Electronics, or Politics. Try to avoid unnecessary information that might not be useful to your audience and avoid displaying results that are clearly misleading.

The audience is not broad enough.

While limiting your ads to a minimal audience set may prevent them from delivering, Focused-targeting your ads help you avoid wasting money on ineffective people. Facebook demands that advertisers have a target audience of at least 1,000 individuals. If we continue with this audience, it will probably never leave the learning phase and our advertisements won’t be effective.

There are several ways that this can take place. There aren’t enough users in the targeted criteria you’ve selected. To be effective, you are excluding almost the whole audience. Not as many persons from your customer upload list matched as you had intended. You have the wrong targeting layers set up.

How to fix this?

Select a larger audience that is broad enough to generate results. Add extra interest so that the estimated audience increases and use a lookalike audience to have a large audience similar to your targeted audience. Turn on detailed targeting options so Facebook can show your ads to people beyond your targeted audience.

Your Ads are still under review!

There are 3 phases that your ads go through. First is “In review,” second is “Learning,” and finally, “Active.” According to Facebook’s policies, Facebook must complete the review procedure in 24-48 hours. The best way to determine your ad status is by checking the ad manager’s status column. There you will find your Ads status and if your ads are under review, there is nothing you can do but wait. 

In the worst-case scenario, if your ads are under review for more than three days, then contact Facebook support. And have a chat with them explaining your situation. I am sure they will help you solve this issue.

You Have Reached Your Spending Limit

One simple parameter that people easily overlook is their Account spending limit. You might have set a spending limit for your ad account when adding your payment method. It is putting a budget cap for all campaigns on your account. A spending Limit is helpful if you want to set a hard cap in place while running numerous campaigns. And if you have reached that spending limit of your account, then Facebook will stop delivering your ads.  

How to fix this?

Go to your ad account, go to your billing section, and select payment settings. On the payment settings page, you will find “Account spending limit” and change the spending limit to your desired account. And now you are good to go.

Your Ads are still in the learning phase.

The learning phase is another part of the delivery system. In this phase, Facebook begins to study and optimize your campaign to determine the target audience for the ad. All of your campaigns will continue to get better even after the learning phase is over, but before that happens, impressions and CPA can change. You’ll see Learning in the delivery column if your ads are in the learning stage, along with a progress bar showing how far along you are:

The length of the learning phase will increase by making significant changes to your ads during this time because doing so will reset the process each time. To give Facebook the best chance of effectively optimizing your campaign, avoid changing copy, targeting, adding new ads, or resetting the optimization goal. 

How to fix this?

My suggestion is not to make any significant changes during this phase. But still, if you want to do something about it. You can do a few things to increase the audience size so that Facebook can show your ads to more similar people and you reach optimization goals fast. Or you can also increase your budget, so you get optimization quickly. You can also optimize your plan from purchase to website visits.

Pro Tip:

If your ads are in the learning phase but still performing tremendously and generating results, leave it as it is.Be patient & give it some time!

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