Monetization of Facebook Ads on Reels: Tips and Tricks

Monetization of Facebook Ads on Reels: Tips and Tricks

The advent of short-form content has vastly affected the way of digital marketing. Facebook Ads on Reels is a popular type of short-form content. Ads are included within Facebook reels which are viewed to the audience during reel consumption. Ads appear on the reels from creators who have not accepted the Ads on Reels programme.

Monetisation of the Ads on Facebook reels is necessary to create increased financial stability and growth for the business. A steady flow of revenue is also created. Effective pricing of ads on reels helps business to maximise their ROI and achieve increased profitability. Before delving into ways of monetisation of ads on reels, let’s have a basic understanding of what Facebook reels are and ideas about monetisation.

Overview of Facebook Reels and its Monetisation

Facebook reels are like Instagram reels. You can create short content like dancing, comedy skits, financial information, business strategy and others to express ideas within 90 seconds. You can use various creative tools and effects to create innovative reels. Like including AR filters, music tracks, emoticons, avatars, etc with text overlay and timer to execute an appropriate release to the audience.

A little creativity goes a long way and so is for Facebook reels. You do not need too much thinking. Just express your mind with a little creativity. And Wallah!! a bubbling reel for all.

The monetisation of these Facebook reels means creating opportunities to earn finances from the videos. An easy way is adding Ads to the reels. As Ads are shown, you can earn for showing them on your videos. Facebook mainly places the ads based on the content, target audience and rate of engagement. Nothing is random.

Types of Ads Presented on Facebook Reels

Ads on Facebook reels are mainly two types:

Overlay Banner ads

These are automatically applied on the bottom of the reels. They can either be image carousel ads or single-image ads. For details of such ads, view our blog about Facebook ads. Single-image ads are presented in the form of static images on the bottom of the reels. It appears after the initiation of the Facebook reel. Image carousel ads also appear near the bottom of the reel. It appears in the form of 2-10 images which can be viewed on click.   

Post-loop ads

These appear after a Facebook reel is looped. They can be 4-second or longer ads like those seen on YouTube. After the ad has ended, the reel will resume for view.  

Way to Monetize Facebook Ads on Reels

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook reels create easy opportunity for its creators to earn money with the help of ads. Ads are directly added on the reels which with each viewer’s watch allows a certain amount of money to be provided. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Certain criteria are to be followed to develop eligibility in earning money from reels through ads.

In monetising Facebook ads on reels, you are to be invited to the program or should be onboard to in-stream ads. It may be on an existing page or new page or professional profile. Also, you must be 18 years or older. Compliance with the Partner Monetisation Policies along with Content Monetisation Policies developed by Facebook are to be followed. Ads can only be added in publicly shared reels on Facebook. Moreover, you are to live in one of the 52 specified countries mentioned by Facebook. This is because ads on Facebook reels are still not available in all countries. Meeting these basic requirements would allow us to initiate posting ads on Facebook reels to monetise them in no time.     

2. Stars on Reels

Facebook stars allow the audience to easily support their favourite creators on social media. They can share stars purchased through their cash with their favourite creators during any live video stream. The stars can be encashed by the creators. They are a sense of gratitude sent by the audience towards their favourite creator to support more likely content to be produced. So, your organisation as a creator can cover the stars in the form of money. Facebook pays USD 0.01 for each star received on the reel. It is one of the greatest features to help creators easily earn money. This helps to build a strong connection with the audience while creating perks for the fans to show how much they like the creators. It is not directly related to support monetisation from ads on Facebook reels.  

3. Facebook Reels Play Bonus Programme

Facebook reel play bonus programme is an innovative approach to support the easy monetisation of Facebook reels by its creators. It is currently available in the US and India. The programme allows Facebook reels to achieve certain monetary bonuses if they reach certain performance targets within the program duration. Your popularity of the reel will fetch you more money.  

To be eligible for the programme, Meta has set the criteria for people to be 18 years or above. They must live in India or the USA and meet the Monetisation policies and community standards set by Facebook for its partners. The account from which the monetisation of the reel to be made is required to more than 30 days or old. At least 5 reels should be created within a month where each has reached 100 K plays over the media. Also, you are required to manage a professional page on Facebook to publish the reels for monetisation. In case you do not meet the criteria, even if you are in India or USA, you may still join the program through invitation. It is possible if you are already producing high-quality content over the social media.

4. Sponsorship

Do you have a bubbling fan base with high rate of engagement? Excellent!! You are minutes away from monetizing Facebook ads on reels. How? Look for sponsors.

Sponsorship advertisement includes brand promotion by a company through another part by offering them financial support. In today’s digital world, many brands are looking for potential creators to collaborate with their brands. They are eager to find a valuable partner in their niche to align their products to reach to target audience. A suggestion do not just look for money! Your consumers are your key to success in reel promotion. You should be involved with those sponsors whose products are related to your content and create value. Perform background checks of each sponsor before approving to work for them to monetize the reels. Remember that the right partnership is essential for generating increased revenue. Do not disappoint your audience for the sake of money.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing creates a great opportunity to support earning money through Facebook ads on reels. A reel which shows a product from your niche can fill its description sections with an affiliate link. Consumers while viewing the reel would click on the link to get access to buy the product. It will help you earn a certain percentage from all the sales made through the added link. The more your reel get popular, the greater are the chances to make money. So, your creativity can help you earn while gaining audience to boost your enthusiasm.

You already have ideas of the way to make money from reels. But do you know the type of reel for grabbing most money? Well! Here are a few tips.

Tips to Create Monetized Facebook Reels

1. Innovative Imagination

Nowadays being a creator is like everyone’s job. But, how many of them show innovative imagination? A few may be. Creativity is the key to develop a high engagement rate. Just because anyone can be a creator does not mean anyone can create the same level of high engagement. More you engage with the audience; the more chances are for you to monetize Facebook ads on reels. You need to be aware of all the innovative tools available for use to create reels with your best efficiency.  

For example, use original audio on reel or create AR effect to create multiple characters of your own. But don’t bore your audience. Keep the script short and engaging while conveying the right message for the advertisement to make people view the reel to buy the product. It would create more sales and allow you get a hefty percentage for it as seen in affiliate marketing,

2. Improved Sharing of Facebook Ads on Reels

More you share your reels, the more your reach to target audience is increased in the niche environment. More people watch your ads on reels, higher opportunity of monetization is created. So increase sharing of reels on different Facebook groups that are related to your niche, It would support an increased audience to be targeted.

3. Create New Facebook Ads on Reels

In monetizing your reels, you need to focus on creating new reels on a frequent basis. Increased frequency of reel sharing helps to keep your page active and draws increased consumer engagement. Share your reels on different areas such as feeds, stories and others. It would increase viewers’ access to your reels.

4. Use Unique Storytelling

Do not just randomly portray any idea to create a reel. Reels are narratives of your thoughts. Create an amazing storytelling experience through the reels to draw an increased audience to monetize it. Prepare a detailed script before creating your reel. Try to add a surprise or climax within the short video to keep the consumers hooked. However, convey the main idea of your message within the first few seconds so that consumers do not feel a wastage of time. You can take help from AI to create script ideas for monetizing your reels.

5. Make Relevant Content for Facebook Ads on Reels

You need to research to understand what your target audience wants. It would help to make relatable content and motivate unique audience experiences to be created to draw potential consumers to view your ads. Remain aware of the new trends, ideas, music and others. Focus on including them to develop the reel. Create hype for your content with uniqueness so that you never need to think of losing your audience.

6. Use Hashtags and Develop Trending Reels

Identify which hashtags are best to support the improved promotion of the reels on Facebook. It would ensure the effective reach of the ads on reels to target audience. Also, create reels on trending topics to remain visible in the market.   

7. Collaborate with Other Influencers

A great tip to monetize your reel is collaborating with other influencers. This will gather audience from both individual creators to engage with the reels which will lead to increased monetization. This is because increased audience would be engaged to view the ads on reel to later make further purchase. Collaboration of influencers also helps in getting better sponsorship for reels. It also opens wider ideas to be created for better reel presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to allow Facebook Ads on Reels to monetize it?

Open your dashboard on Meta Business Suite and scroll down to the Tools section. Here, click on Monetization. Next tap on Tools to Try and select Ads on Reels. Review the set terms and conditions along with set payment account. Now, you are good to go.

2. How many minimum views are needed to monetize reels?

A minimum of 1000 views is required each day for a month to monetize reels. You can earn nearly $35,000 each month if you have successful Facebook Ads on Reels.

3. What is the payment for 1000 views on Facebook Reels?

Facebook pays on average $4.40 per 1000 views.


Money making is not as hard as it sounds through Facebook ads on reels. The use of exact skills and talent would help you get enough money from reels. It is the eligibility criteria you need to think about while presenting uniqueness in each reel. Do not run behind the audience. Instead, focus on creating innovative ideas for better ad presentation on reels so that the audience comes to you on their own. Remember that anyone can monetize their reels but with the right and steady approach.

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