What are the best Facebook ad payment methods?

What are the best Facebook ad payment methods?

Facebook ads can be free and paid. It’s your decision to make the right choice whether to opt for free or paid marketing. The paid version of the Facebook ads is significant for use as they helps to specifically reach target customers and promote business growth.

But how to pay for them? or What are the best Facebook ad payment methods could be?  

You should be aware of the best payment methods so that your bank account remains safe while contributing valued finances in promoting your ad. Nobody wills to lose their hard-earned money and everybody should know the best as well as safe payment methods to ensure the security of finances.

But, before getting the best Facebook payment methods, let’s understand how you will be billed and the way to view them. This is because it will make you aware of the billing process and allow you to check on specific charges to be credible or not to be paid by you.

Way Meta or Facebook Charges for Your Ads

 In advertising on Facebook or Meta Network, you can set your own budget to be used for every ad. Facebook ads usually distribute the budget evenly for the time unless you have selected the “Accelerated” option for the budget. This means you wish the allocated budget to be quickly spent at each opportunity within your bid capital. Remember, you will never be charged more than your set budget.

There are two types of budgets to be set for allowing charges on your Facebook ads which are daily budgets and lifetime budgets. Daily budgets are the average amount spent each day during the runtime of your ad. However, lifetime budgets are the amount which you will to pay over the lifetime of running your ad in Facebook.     

The payment for Facebook ads is made through two main settings which are:

Automatic Billing: In this process, Facebook automatically charges you after spending a certain amount indicated as a payment threshold. Any leftover charges are added to your monthly bill. This is the payment process if you are using credit or debit cards or PayPal.

Prepaid Funds: The process requires you to put money in the account first and then to be charged from the amount once a day based on the runtime of ads. This payment method is used when using PayTM or Boleto Bancario in making paid ads. In this nature of funds, you do not require to set a payment threshold as you are already indicating the total budget. Facebook cannot charge you beyond your prepaid amount in this case.

The usual threshold for the Facebook ads is $25 which is the starting amount. You can increase the threshold as you want with time. Remember that the threshold for each country may be different based on their currency, but usually, it is not more than $750. You can set your threshold limit by clicking on “Account Spending Limit” to avoid overspending. As your limit is reached, the Facebook ad will automatically get paused.

Way to View Charges for Your Ads

Meta Ads Manager shows an estimated daily spending limit for your ad when you would want to see how much you have spent for it. Remember that the final bill for the Facebook ad will be higher than the set budget for the ad. This is because the amount charged is for all the ads which are running through the specific ad account that can be multiple in nature. The total clicks and impressions which led to the charge are shown in Ads Manager. The method of payment for prepaid funds depends on the currency and present location. The Facebook ad account needs to match the currency and location set for your current payment.

In order to see the final charges, view the Payment activity present on the Billing section. Here, click the “Transaction” drop-down menu to select Transactions. Now select the date from the date drop-down menu to view transactions for a certain day. A detailed data such as transaction ID, date of payment, amount paid, status of payment and payment method will be viewed.

Best Facebook Ads Payment Method

Facebook Ads Manager mainly allows the following best methods of payment which are:


PayPal charges no fees of their own and bills the account based on your spending on Ads. This is in most cases unless the indicated currency to be paid with is different from the allocated currency on the account. In such cases, you will be required to bear charges for the currency exchange. But, PayPal is only allowed to be used if you set your account to automatic billing. Also, ensure the selected currency for payment is accepted by PayPal and allow pop-ups on your web browsers to get detailed updates with payment.

Way to add PayPal as Methods of Payment:

  1. In order to add PayPal, open Meta Ads Manager and select “Payment settings”.
  2. Now look at the “Payment method” section. Select “Add payment method”.
  3. Select and click on “PayPal” and go to “Next”. Here, a pop-up window will open where you are to log in to enter all your details of PayPal account to get registered.
  4. After completing PayPal account settings, click on “Agree and continue” while logged in on PayPal account.
  5. Now select “Done” to confirm your payment method.

Credit/Debit cards:

Each of the credit or debit cards has different conditions based on the bank issuing them. However, in most of them, the exact amount you need to pay may not always be charged due to many bonuses, cashback and discounts being offered under the bank policy. But, do you know which credit or debit cards would be best to be included? The knowledge of the credit or debit cards with the best offers is financially beneficial for your business. This is because you can save money while paying with the right choice of cards.

American Express Business Gold Card

American Express Business Gold Card is the most flexible payment method for Facebook ads. At the beginning, 70,000 reward points will be awarded which is equal to $1400 on spending $10,000 within the first three months of the membership. Further, it allows its cardholders to get an impressive 4 reward points on two out of six categories on which you spend most during the billing cycle. Your top 2 categories are likeable to change but it has no effect on the reward points. At first, 4X reward points (4 points for each dollar) are awarded on spending $150,000 in combination to the two categories after which the points awarded on each $100,000 expenditure during the year. In qualifying for the reward points, you are required to make the purchase directly from the media providers in US. The points gathered could be spent to access free travel and services at restaurants, airlines, local travel and others. There is an opportunity of 25% money-back offer at the year-end if a flight is booked with the accumulated points. Thus, the card does not only provide monetary benefits for your business but also personal support in getting things at cheaper prices. This payment mode is best if you are starting a small business and are willing to spend more on ads to get increased business growth. The annual fee is $375 for availing this card with no requirement of any fees for foreign transactions.  

Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

Ink Business Preferred Credit Card helps business owners to get 3X reward points (3 points for each dollar) for spending $150,000 in making purchases for internet, shipping travel, cable and phone services from social media and other sites. This is equal to $9000 or 6% money back at the year-end for the entire expenses made within the year. It also provides 1X reward points (1 point for each dollar) on all other nature of purchases. The annual fee charged is $95  with no requirement of transaction fee for making foreign payments. It charges 5% of the amount for each transfer or $5 whichever is more as the balance transfer fee. The card provides excellent rewards for travel purposes as it provides many options for redeeming your points. It allows one cent or 1.25 cents for each point as cashback when any travel purpose is booked through the card. They have 14 designated travel partners for booking flights and hotels to whom you can also transfer your Chase points.   

American Express Business Blue Business Cash Card

This credit card provides $250 as bonus credit on spending $3000 within the first three months of approval of using the card. The speciality of the card is that it allows you to earn 2X reward points for American Express Membership on spending of $50,000 each year and afterwards receive 1X reward points. The simplicity of the card makes it easier to be used by people who are initiating a small business. It allows you to invest by supporting 0% intro APR for financing new purchases for 12 months from the start date of opening of the account. However, I would suggest to look and use other credit cards as your business progresses to spend over $50,000 on ads. They require no annual fees to be paid like other cards due to which it is best to be used for initial business purposes in making payment for Facebook ads and others.


Mastercards are exclusive payment networks which is globally accepted across different categories of payment. They support connections of varied financial institutions, merchants, businesses, governments and consumers over 200 countries. Some of the MasterCard credit charge annual, balance transfer, cash advance and late payment fees for availing them.   

Bank Account in Supported Countries:

The different bank accounts in various countries could be linked over online to pay for your Facebook ads.

Local Manual Payment:

The PayTM Wallet and net banking process could be used in making manual payments in local areas for publishing ads on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why budget management is important for Facebook ads?
  • Budget management helps in determining the method of payment to be used and the way the allocated budget is to be broken down to ensure the constant flow of finances in the smooth running of the ad.
  • Which is better PayPal or Credit cards for Facebook ads payment?
  •  PayPal is more secure and ensures increased protection over the exchange of funds which makes it better than credit cards. However, credit cards offer discounts and reward points that are helpful in business. So, neither can be held absolute best as it depends on the goal of business of the individual.
  • Why error messages are shown even after using right payment mode?
  • You may be using current and country in the Facebook ad account during payment that do not match your payment method. Ensure the selected currency is acceptable in the country where you wish to place your ad.


Thus, above mentioned specification are the key accepted payment methods for Facebook ads. I have provided the most credible examples of the cards and modes of payment to be used. They are not exclusive, and you can use your own cards from any bank. You are required to check its acceptance with Facebook ads manager. Also, ensure that the minimum funds for payment are followed. Do not share your payment details and keep your payment account secured through password. Now, you are good to good! Place your next Facebook Ad!!

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